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Formally Orion Dressage Sporthorses, Weltbrook Training Center is named in honor of the late Weltbrook. Welti (“Velti”) was owned and trained primarily by Elizabeth King and competed through 4th level under her guidance. An imported Swedish Warmblood, Welti wasn’t the fanciest horse in the barn. However, his correct gaits and big personality made up for that! He was not above charming the judges by exhibiting an over-exuberant canter transition or a thundering canter extension down the long side.He was the spunky horse occupying the first stall of the aisle, where he could see and meet everyone who arrived, twisting his head up, begging for a pat. One of our goals as a training facility is to embody the happy spirit of Welti and maintain it as a building block for our future.

Meet the Weltbrook Team

Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King

Owner – Manager – Trainer – Instructor

*USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist*

Elizabeth began riding in the hunter/jumper world, switching her focus to dressage in 1999. Her competitive dressage career began in 2004; since then, she has competed with over twenty horses at various levels, from training level to Prix St. George. She has trained extensively with Tom Noone, Gunnar Ostergaard, and Melanie Southard. 

Elizabeth works with horses and riders at all levels and of different disciplines. She believes that dressage training can help every horse and rider team better enjoy their time working together. The basis of dressage is to develop a balanced, straight, adjustable, and responsive horse. Whether your goal is to have a good time on the trails, a clean round in the jumper ring, be a consistent hunter in the show ring, or compete at the highest levels of dressage, dressage basics will help you reach your goal. Through her years of working in different disciplines and teaching many children and adults, Elizabeth has developed the skills necessary to help each rider better understand how their body affects the horse and works with them to improve this communication.

Elizabeth grew up riding ponies and many off-track thoroughbreds. As a young girl at their family-run barn, she gave “first start lessons” to children too young to begin riding instruction with her older sister. She has also spent time working with special needs and differently-abled riders. For many years, Elizabeth taught lessons and managed horses for a busy Westchester facility that provided trail rides, english and western lessons for the public. 

Elizabeth’s diverse history in the horse industry has given her a love and respect for all breeds and types of horses and taught her many skills that she uses daily in her approach to teaching and training. Through her experience with such varied needs (both human and equine), Elizabeth developed her philosophy that guides and structures her training techniques, fostering a complete understanding and connection between horse and rider.

Andre Lebron

Andre Lebron

Training Center Farrier

Andre Lebron has been working as a farrier for more than 30 years, graduating in 1987 from the Tucumcari Area Vocational School’s farrier program run by Jim Kieth.  Mr. Kieth is known not just as an educator, winning Educator of the Year, but as an International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member, toolmaker, and author.  Fortunate enough to have started his formal education with such a force, Andre continues to seek out the best in the industry, regularly attending seminars and clinics.  Education is a primary focus in his practice, expanding his own and sharing this knowledge.  

The science of farriery has grown over time with improved technologies and tools.  Keeping up with all of these advances requires a proactive approach.  Andre finds continuing education opportunities such as the International HoofCare Summit, AFA Convention, and NEAEP Symposiums important.  He also feels single presenter clinics are valuable, having attended more than a dozen, including Dave Duckett, Craig Trinka, Billy Crothers, and Gene Ovnicek.  After each of these experiences, Andre returns to his practice to implement his new knowledge.  One challenge of farriery is to know how and when to use each technique or tool to provide the horse with the best possible support.  

Andre works with many horses, from retired pets to top competitors and most everything in between.  There are barefoot horses, some with only front shoes; others are shod with mechanics to improve balance and hoof growth.  Andre has incorporated Hoof Casts and DE Hoof Taps into his program, expanding his options to support different situations.  He works closely with vets addressing soundness issues and horses suffering from laminitis, often utilizing radiographs to ensure the best possible outcome for the horse.
One of the aspects of this work Andre enjoys most is sharing his knowledge with clients to help them care for their horses in the best way possible.  Finding ways to explain the complex information guiding the choices farriers and vets make to care for horses’ hooves is a challenge.  Discussing these choices with horse owners to help them be a part of the decision-making process is a priority in his practice.  Andre’s view is that he is one of a team supporting the welfare of the horses, including everyone involved with the horse, vet, owner, trainer, chiropractor, etc.  The goal is to pool knowledge to provide each horse with the highest quality care possible.

Tom Noone

Tom Noone


*Grand Prix Rider and Trainer*
*USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist*

Tom represented the United States at the World Cup in Denmark in 2001 and more recently, in 2011, he qualified two horses for the Pan Am selection trials. In 2012 he was part of the bonze medal winning team for the US at the Nations Cup. During his career Tom has earned awards at every level – Training to Grand Prix – and trained more then a dozen horses to Grand Prix. Tom is an enthusiastic and committed teacher and trainer. He generously shares the knowledge he has gained over years of working with many different horses and riders of all levels. Respectfully encouraging each horse and rider to achieve their full potential.

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